Case Study


Auto insurance: wildlife accident

Synopsis of Complaint:

The consumer was in a car accident that involved wildlife. Their insurance company denied their claim as their coverage did not include accidents involving wildlife.

A month after the consumer had added insurance to their vehicle, they had contacted their insurance agent to add physical damage coverage. The consumer had opted for collision only as they assumed that wildlife strikes would be covered under this insurance policy.

Review by GIO:

The Consumer Service Officer (CSO) sought clarification from the insurance company based on the statement provided by the consumer.

The CSO requested a transcript of the conversation between the consumer and the insurance company during the consumer’s purchase of their insurance policy. The consumer was not informed of the various scenarios that would be covered, as it’s not common practice to sell stand-alone collision coverage.


GIO’s Informal Conciliation aided in the resolution of the consumer’s complaint. The insurance company agreed to pay the loss under the collision coverage.

Note: A revised edition of the Alberta Standard Automobile Policy SPF #1 now clarifies a live undomesticated animal strike is covered under comprehensive coverage.

GIO is an independent body set up to help Canadians find a fair resolution to disputes with insurance providers. GIO can provide advice on dealing with your insurance company as a first step. If you are not satisfied with the decision from your provider on your claim, GIO can help resolve your claim. 

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