Case Study


Claim Denial Maintained

Mountain biking

Synopsis of Complaint:

Insured purchased a new mountain bike. Upon stopping on his drive home, he noticed his bike was no longer in the car rack. He contacted the police and filed a report.

Looking for protection security coverage off his credit card for newly acquired items, he reported the claim to his Insurance provider.

The claim was denied based on his report to the police that the bike had fallen off while driving. With no bike, the insurer was unable to assess damages.

The Insured approached the GIO for an independent review. He stated his bike could have been stolen as the bike rack straps were slashed.

Review by GIO:

GIO determined that the bike carrier honored a warranty claim of failed straps and provided a replacement carrier. There was insufficient evidence to support theft of bike and it was confirmed with the insured that the policy did not cover lost items.


Claim denial maintained.

GIO is an independent body set up to help Canadians find a fair resolution to disputes with insurance providers. GIO can provide advice on dealing with your insurance company as a first step. If you are not satisfied with the decision from your provider on your claim, GIO can help resolve your claim. 

If you’d like to submit a claim visit here.

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