Ownership mix-up on an Insured Vehicle

The Consumer purchased a vehicle to be used by his daughter and insured the vehicle in his name and with his daughter listed as principal driver. Shortly after the vehicle was picked up, the Consumer noticed that the dealership put the ownership in the daughter’s name and not the Consumer’s name despite the Consumer providing a bank draft for payment of the vehicle.

Vehicle rental insurance coverage on DCPD claim

A Consumer was involved in a not-at-fault loss and was provided a rental under Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD). Due to supply chain issues, parts were delayed, and repairs could not be completed in a timely manner.

Modified Vehicle Coverage

The consumer’s vehicle was stolen and recovered but was damaged. The insurer denied the claim on the basis that the consumer did not advise them that the vehicle was a modified vehicle.

Borrowed vehicle insurance denial

Consumer’s son borrowed the family vehicle and was involved in an accident. The consumer put in a claim, which was denied due to misrepresentation. Consumer contacted GIO for assistance after receiving a final position letter from his insurer maintaining the decision to deny his claim.

Auto insurance: wildlife accident

The consumer was in a car accident that involved wildlife. Their insurance company denied their claim as their coverage did not include accidents involving wildlife.

Auto insurance: roundabout right-of-way

Auto insurance – The consumer was involved in an accident in a roundabout and the insurance company assessed that the consumer was at fault. The consumer escalated the case, as they believed the insurance company had misinterpreted the rules of the roundabout.

Auto insurance: paying the full amount for car repairs

Auto Insurance – A consumer had a not-at-fault accident and their vehicle was declared reparable. The consumer used a non-preferred body shop, and a labour charge rate was applied in accordance with the shop’s fees.

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