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All of GIO’s services are free of charge to any home, auto or business insurance policy holder of a member company. We offer services in both English and French, anywhere across Canada.

No. GIO makes non-binding recommendations to resolve disputes, which can assist the parties to come to a resolution without resorting to costly and lengthy legal proceedings.

Before we can review your complaint, you must first try to resolve your complaint with your insurance company. Once you receive a Final Position Letter from your insurance company and you remain unsatisfied, you can bring your complaint to GIO for review.

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome of your complaint at GIO, you have the right to pursue legal remedies or contact your local insurance regulator.

GIO is an independent organization with the sole purpose of helping Canadian consumers resolve disputes or concerns with their home, auto or business insurers, free of charge. Our employees are impartial professionals with experience in the insurance industry and related sectors, but with no direct ties to specific insurance companies or their boards of directors. We use our extensive experience and industry-related insight to work towards a fair solution between individuals and their insurance providers.

GIO is a federal not-for-profit corporation and is funded through mandatory membership fees paid by federally and provincially regulated insurance companies. GIO maintains its independence and is accountable to its own independent Board of Directors.

GIO is always available to discuss a complaint, but there are some types of complaints that cannot advance through GIO’s dispute resolution process. GIO’s Terms of Reference  outlines what types of complaints GIO does and does not have the jurisdiction to investigate. Those that we are unable to investigate are called ‘out of mandate’. Specific details can be found in our Terms of Reference, however common examples of complaints out of our mandate include:

  • Pricing and/or availability of insurance
  • An insurance company’s business decision of whether or not to insure someone
  • Matters that are already before a court of law

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